Students Need More Shaded Areas

Some UT Students feel they need more shaded areas around campus to cope with their daily activities.

Temperatures this week are predicted to reach a high of about 80 degrees, according to 10Weather WTSP meteorologists.

Sophomore Tiziana Mainardi walks every day from her house to campus early in the morning.

«It is very challenging for me to walk 15 minutes to school under the sun,» said Mainardi. «I arrive to class all sweaty since there are no spots on campus that have shade for me to catch a breath and cool down.»

Daniela Gutierrez, Student Government Senator, said that it is important for the facilities department to be aware of this issue.

Current Results Weather and Science Facts said that there would be about 244 days of sun within Tampa Bay in the year 2018, so it is important to keep hydrated every day.

Senior Laura Laguna rides her bike through campus every day. She said the sunny weather does not help her since the heat exhausts her a lot and gets to her classes very tired.

«This year has been terrible,» said Laguna. «I’ve been sunburnt so many times from riding my bike around campus, making it difficult to receive fresh air when I choose to sit outside and do homework.»

Victoria Perez, a junior marketing major at UT, is indifferent about the issue.

«I do not mind if the school lacks places with shade because I am always inside Starbucks doing my homework,» said Perez.

However, William White, Chief of Justice of Student Government, said that it would be a good idea to put umbrellas in the courtyard outside Starbucks where the sun hits directly.

White said shaded areas on campus would help students to feel more comfortable while studying.

«Students would not have to worry about getting sweaty or hot; this would help them to focus more on doing their homework and not worrying about the weather,» said White. «It will help increase the number of people that use that area frequently as they will be able to study during the day by having shade.




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