Press Release Sample 1

Press Release Sample 1

Amesbury College School of Journalism Reunion for all Graduates

Amesbury, Mass – Amesbury College will hold a reunion of all graduates of the School of Journalism coming up next fall on October 22-25, 2019, in conjunction with the school’s 75th-anniversary celebration. This event is the first time a large-scale reunion involving all the graduating classes.

Records show more than 700 alumni of the school who will be invited to the reunion, including five former members of Congress, eight corporate presidents, 148 editors, and 53 publishers who are all graduates of this program.

«We have never attempted anything like this before, and we are expecting a large turnout. For the moment, we have received already replies from graduates ranging in age from 24 to 98 which makes the institution feel secure about the event,» said the current Dean, John Lancomb.

Daniel Smith, Executive Editor of the Los Angeles Times and a graduate of the program, said, «I owe practically all of my success to what I learned while at Amesbury. While the newspaper business has certainly changed over the years, the school, to its credit, has remained on the cutting edge of journalism education.»

About Amesbury College School.: Amesbury College is a nationally famous, small liberal arts college on the East Coast. Its reputation for academic excellence has consistently placed it in the top 10 in private colleges in the country. It provides the oldest journalism program in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.




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